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Designing the microprocessor for the European supercomputer

About SiPearl

SiPearl, The Silicon Pearl is the company that is bringing to life the European Processor Initiative (EPI) project, designing the high-performance, low-power microprocessor for the European exascale1 supercomputer.

This new generation of microprocessors will enable Europe to set out its technological sovereignty on the strategic markets for high performance computing, artificial intelligence and connected mobility.

SiPearl is developing and will market its solutions through close collaboration with its 26 partners from the EPI - scientific community, supercomputing centres and leading names from the IT, electronics and automotive industries - which are its stakeholders and future clients.

SiPearl is supported by the European Union2.

SiPearl is also a member of the Mont-Blanc 2020 consortium to equip Europe with a dedicated modular and energy-efficient high performance computing microprocessor, and is a member of the PlayFrance.Digital collective for Europe to lead the field for digital technology.

(1) 1 billion billion calculations per second.
(2)This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 826647.

Philippe Notton, founder

teams CEO & founder

Philippe Notton, Senior Executive, has built up outstanding technical expertise in the multimedia, semiconductor and security fields. Passionate about high technology and fast-moving environments, he has worked in France, the UK and the US for market-leading groups (Thomson, Canal+, LSI Logic, STMicroelectronics), as well as a successful startup (MStar Semiconductor).

Starting from scratch, Philippe Notton successfully led MStar Semiconductor’s set-top box division to become number 3 worldwide and number 1 in Asia for pay-television semiconductors. He was then appointed to head up the Consumer division at ST Microelectronics (2,400 staff), specialised in designing chips for decoders and integrated circuits for specific consumer applications (Asic).

In 2017, Philippe Notton joined the Atos Group to set up the European Processor Initiative consortium, which won the European Union’s call for proposals in December 2018.

Philippe is General Manager of the European Processor Initiative.
He founded SiPearl in June 2019.

Philippe Notton is a Supélec engineer (1993) and has an Executive MBA from ESSEC & Mannheim (2008).

They trust us...

Our 26 partners from the European Processor Initiative, scientific community and major supercomputing centres, as well as leading names from the IT, electronics and automotive sectors, are our stakeholders and potential clients:

Atos, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, BMW Group, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Chalmers, Cineca, E4 Computer Engineering, Elektrobit, ETH Zürich, Extoll, FORTH, Fraunhofer ITWM, Genci, Infineon Technologies, Jülich, Kalray, KIT, Menta, Prove & Run, Semidynamics Technology Services, ST Microelectronics, SURFsara, Technico Lisboa, University of Bologna, University of Pisa, University of Zagreb.

Discover our 26 partners

Working closely with them and for them, we are developing the high-performance, low-power European microprocessor that will ensure Europe’s technological leadership and independence for supercomputing, connected mobility and artificial intelligence.

Our markets

Our new generation of microprocessors will enable Europe to set out its technological sovereignty.


A microprocessor for the pilot,
then the exascale system (1 billion billion calculations per second) for European research, weather forecasting, defence, energy...

Connected mobility

The core microprocessor for secure network with end-to-end data processing from the edge to the cloud: from vehicles to smart cities and the cloud

Artificial intelligence

The first open acceleration platform enabling artificial intelligence startups to develop their proprietary solutions with very limited licensing costs